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Announcecment: There is currently a known issue with our in-game Transfer Tool. If you've recently used this feature and have lost your original game from both your old and new devices, don't worry because we can help! Please send us a support ticket that includes the following information:

We'll work to get your game restored to your new device as soon as possible. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience!

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Current known issues

Why do I see an "unable to visit they are using a different version of the game" error message when trying to visit friends?
The latest Android update introduced Social Breeding to Tiny Monsters. Unfortunately, since this update was just released, not every Android player has updated yet and this feature is not yet available for iOS devices. Currently, if you do not have access to Social Breeding, your game is incompatible, social-wise, with other games that do have this feature. This is why you are unable to visit certain friends until you're both on the same update.

This should eventually clear up as more Android players update and once our iOS update is ready, approved, and even more players get the Social Breeding feature. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any troubles!

I referred a friend on an iOS or Kindle device, and the referral didn't register. Why not?
Tiny Social is currently only available on iOS and Android devices. At this moment, Kindle devices do not have the technology to support Tiny Social until the next updates. Until then, referrals will only work on other iOS and Android devices that are operating on the latest 2.2 Tiny Social update. Referrals to Kindle players will NOT count at this time. Sorry for any confusion this may cause!

Also, an important note for email referrals. Once your referral downloads the game, they will need to go back to the original link you sent them and tap on the "Collect Reward" button to register the referral for the both of you. If you sent an email referral and it did not work, please ask your friend to follow these steps to get your Unity monster!

When you refer a friend, please make sure you've received the "Referral Accepted" message and your friend has received the "Success!" message. This confirms your referral has registered in both your games.

If you're certain your referral should have registered, please send in a support ticket with the following information:

- your TinyID
- the TinyID or IMEI of your friend(s) you're trying to refer
- which referral method you used (email, SMS or Facebook)

Thank you for your patience!

My Elder monster is not producing Diamonds. How do I get my Diamonds?
This issue has been fixed in the latest update of Tiny Monsters. Please note that you will need to keep your Elder monster in its habitat for a full 7 days (after you download the update) before it will begin producing Diamonds.

I just completed a quest but it didn't clear from my game and I didn't receive the reward. How do I fix this?
If the quest is not clearing, it means you are missing a part of the quest. Please read the quest instructions carefully and check the following to ensure your quest will clear:

• Are all required monsters out in their habitats? Monsters in the Hall of Champions will not register toward a quest.
• Are you breeding or feeding the correct monster? For example, make sure you're leveling up a Sun HYBRID and not just a sun monster.
• Did you complete the action after the quest appeared in your game?
• Did you tap on the "Complete now" button to collect your reward? This will clear the quest from your list.

For example, if a quest requires you to breed a Flower monster and you already had one before, this will not count. You will need to breed and hatch a new Flower monster AFTER the quest asked you to do so for it to register.

We're unable to reveal how to complete the quests, but there are many resources available for help. For more tips and hints from fellow players, please join the discussion on the Tiny Monsters Facebook Fan Page.

The players on the Fan Page have a wealth of information they're more than happy to share. If you're certain you should've cleared the quest, please send us a support ticket and we'll be happy to investigate further!

My game gets stuck on the loading screen and then crashes. What's going on?
This is a known issue our engineers are working to resolve as soon as possible. We apologize for the troubles and are working to get everyone's game loading properly again. Thank you for your patience!

I have one or more white eggs stuck in my nursery. How do I get them out?
This is a known issue we can fix for you! Please submit a support ticket with the following information:

• Your TinyID (if you have one) or your UDID. If you send a ticket from within the game, this information will automatically be provided in the ticket.
• # of white eggs you have in your nursery

Once we get this information, we'll get your eggs unstuck for you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!

I have a monster stuck in my Dream Room. When I try to wake it up, my game crashes. What's going on?
We pushed a fix that should resolve this bug. If your game is still crashing due to a stuck monster in your Dream Room, please send us a support ticket that lets us know which monster is stuck and what type of device you're using. Thank you!

Tiny Social

How do I make a TinyID?
While looking at your Mountain, tap the Social Icon, then the Profile button. Enter a TinyID of your choice. Keep in mind, this will be the ID your friends use to find you! Click OK and start being social!

How do I change my TinyID?
Once you've created your TinyID, it is not possible change it. Be sure to double (and triple) check your TinyID before you confirm.

How do I add friends?
If you already know your friend's TinyID, tap the Social Icon and enter the ID, then click "Add." To find and add new friends, either connect via Facebook or use the "Random Visit" to visit a new person's Monster Mountain. Once you've arrived, tap the yellow button at the top to add the person.

How do I delete friends?
To remove a friend from your list, find them in your Friends list and tap on the "X" button to the right of their name. A confirmation screen will appear. If you're certain you'd like to remove this friend, tap "Yes" to remove them.

How do I get credit for people that I have referred to Tiny Monsters?
Once a brand new person has installed the game at your invitation and your friend clicks "Collect my reward" from the invite page that you send them, the referral will be recorded.

How do I gift my friends?
Gift friends by visiting their Social Islands and tapping the gift icon over their Giving Trees.

How many times can I gift per day?
You can give one (1) gift per user each day. The total number of gifts is displayed on the top bar when you visit a neighbor.

When can I collect from the Giving Tree?
You can collect from the giving tree when you receive 5 gifts from your friends. You can only collect from your giving tree a maximum of 2 times a day (every 12 hours). You have a random chance of receiving Food, Coins, Diamonds and Social Snacks from the Giving Tree. Your chances of receiving diamonds increases when you have an adult Unity and adult Friendship monster.

Your rewards will also improve as your Social level increases!

What is social XP?
You receive social XP when you gift other players and when you collect from your giving tree. As you earn more social XP you can increase your social level, unlocking new monsters and cool rewards. You can view your social level when you visit a neighbor.

How do I hatch the Unity monster?
You can hatch the Unity Monster once you have referred 2 friends. In order for referrals to count, they must be brand new players that install the game for the first time!

How do I hatch the Friendship monster?
You can hatch the Friendship Monster once you have added 5 friends through Tiny Social.

How do I change my avatar picture?
Tap the Social icon, then the Profile button at the top of the social bar. Click on the "Edit" button below your avatar image and select your new avatar picture.

How do I take a photo of my Tiny Monsters game?
You can take a screen shot by simultaneously pressing the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button on your device. Your image will be found within the Photos app of your device.

What is the inbox?
The Inbox is a new feature that allows TinyCo to credit a player's game with items or monsters (for example, as a contest prize). This is an ability we previously did not have. There is currently no way for a player to interact with the Inbox feature between players though, this is only a way for us to add items to your game.

Social Breeding

What monsters can I breed in the Social Breeding Den?
Level 8 (or higher) Unity and Friendship monsters

What monsters can my Social Breeding Den create?
Remember that your Dragons are hybrids, meaning they're part social + a base element. Due to this, your Social Breeding Den can result in another Dragon (Unity or Friendship) or any combination of the base elements you choose to breed.

For example, breeding a Plant Unity with an Ice Friendship monster can create the following: any combo for ice + plant, Unity or Friendship.

How many nursery slots can the Giving tree have?
A maximum of 2

Can I sell the monsters I breed from the Social Breeding Den?
Yes, once you breed a monster, you have the option to either Sell it or Place it. The only monsters you cannot sell are your original Unity and Friendship monsters.

How many Unity and Friendship monsters can I have?
You can have up to a total of 8 on your social island.

Why can't I breed these monsters in the Social Breeding Den?
Unity and Friendship monsters can only be bred as adults. Make sure to check the levels of your monsters and that they're compatible.

Device Issues

I just got a new device and my game is gone. How do I get it back?
We've released some new features that help make transfers easier for Tiny Monsters.

There is a new feature in Tiny Monsters that will allow you to transfer your game by yourself, instantly. This requires you to have your OLD device still with you, as well as a NEW device. If you have both devices, you can complete the transfer on your end within the next five minutes.

To transfer your game:

1) Update Tiny Monsters on BOTH of your devices to at least version 1.8. You can do this by downloading the latest version in the App Store.

2) Open your game on your old device. Tap "Options", then "Restore Game" to get started. Follow the instructions provided to complete the transfer.

Please note that the in-game Transfer feature only works for Tiny Zoo, Tiny Village, or Tiny Monsters. If you have other TinyCo games, you'll still need to contact us to transfer those.

If you do not have your old device you can get your game to the new device! You will need your old and new UDID or TinyIDs. To locate this information, visit Once you have this information, please send this to TinyCo Support using the link at the bottom of this page.

How do I troubleshoot the game?
To troubleshoot, DO NOT uninstall and reinstall the app. Doing this can cause you to lose your game progress. Instead, please try force closing your app to help resolve the issue. To force close an app, click the Home button twice. A bar will appear across the bottom that shows all your recently used apps. Tap and hold on Tiny Monsters. When it starts to jiggle and shake, tap on the "X" to close it. Tap the Home button to return to your Home Screen and try opening the app normally again. If the issue persists, please send us a support ticket!


How do I evolve a monster?
To begin the evolution of your Monster, you will need to start feeding them and purchase a Dream Room. Once they’ve been fed up to a certain level, you can tuck them into the Dream Room to sleep and evolve.

Once in the Dream Room, you can wait the allotted amount of time or you can speed up the evolution process with Diamonds. Once they’re ready and evolved, tap on the Monster to wake it up and free the Dream room for another monster.

How do I feed a monster?
To feed your monsters, you'll first need a farm. You can purchase a farm from your Market under the "Buildings" category. Once your farm is finished constructing, tap on it to see all the crops you can grow. You can grow various types of food for different amounts and prices. Once you have enough food, tap on your monster's info page and start feeding them.

How do I move items around?
To move any of your Monsters, buildings, or decorations tap on the "Move" button in the bottom right corner. Tap on the item you wish to move and you'll see a green grid appear around that item. Move it to where you'd like to place it and make sure the grid is still highlighted green, rather than red. If it's red, it means the item will not fit in that space. Once you're happy with its placement, tap on the green "Accept" checkmark.

How do I move a monster to a different habitat?
To move a monster from one habitat to another, you'll have to first make sure there's an open spot for that monster to move to. Once you are certain another habitat has room, tap on your monster's info page. Below its image is the option to either "move" or "sell" the monster. Tap on "move" and then tap on the habitat where you wish to move it to.

How do I sell a monster or habitat?
To sell a monster, tap on the habitat your monster is in and then tap on the monster you want to sell. Once their info page shows up, tap on "sell" located below the image of your monster. Confirm you want to sell the monster and you're done!
To sell a habitat, the habitat must be empty first. Tap on the habitat and then on "Info." To sell, tap on the "Sell" button below the image of the habitat. Confirm your action to sell your habitat.

What is XP and how do I get it?
XP (“Experience”) is important because this is your source for leveling up in the game. As you level up, you unlock new items and content in the game. XP can be gained by completing quests, clearing items, selling eggs, placing decorations, and feeding and growing monsters.

My XP bar stopped. What happened?
If you're XP bar stopped moving, don't worry! You're still earning XP! As you start leveling up (especially to the higher levels currently available in the game), the amount of XP it takes to get to the next level increases. Due to the length of the bar and the amount of added amount of XP needed for the next level, the movement of your progress is not as visible as it had been in past levels. Also, please note that some actions within the game earn much more XP than others. You might see a jump in your bar if you complete a task that rewards a large amount of XP.

What is the maximum level? What happens now?
The max XP level in Tiny Monsters is currently level 99. Congrats on reaching this level! We are working on adding more levels. Currently, we're saving all XP you're earning and will apply it to your total when we add more levels.

How do I reset the game?
There isn't currently an option to reset Tiny Monsters. You can, however, sell your existing items; this will return a portion of the coins spent on those items, freeing up space and help you set up your Mountain anew.

Monsters and Breeding

How do you breed monsters?
To begin breeding Monsters you'll need a Breeding Den and Monsters that have evolved to at least Level 5. Once you have a Breeding Den built, tap on the den to begin. A menu will appear that allows you to choose two Monsters to breed. Once you confirm the breeding, you can either wait the allotted amount of time or choose to instantly finish the breeding using Diamonds.

How do I instantly finish a breeding?
You can instantly finish breeding at any time by using Diamonds. While your monsters are breeding, tap on the Breeding Den and then on the "Finish" button. You can confirm the amount of Diamonds to finish the breeding right away.

How do I sell an egg?
You can sell your egg, once it's done incubating, by tapping it and selecting the option to “Sell Egg.” Confirm your decision and you’ll earn XP and coins.

How do I stop a breeding or incubation?
You cannot stop a breeding or incubation that is currently in progress. Once it is finished, you can sell an egg to earn XP and coins.

What is a hybrid monster?
A hybrid monster is a monster made of two elements. For example, a Flower monster is made of both Fire and Plant.

What is a Mythic monster?
Mythic monsters are very rare monsters you can only get via breeding. They cannot be purchased in the Market. You can identify a Mythic monster by its unique coloring and it will earn more coins than a regular monster.

How do I breed a Legendary, Air, Frozenflame, (or other rare) monster?
We are unable to share our secrets regarding breeding combos. Please know that each breeding combo has a chance of getting one monster or another. If you're not getting a monster the first time you breed it, you can try breeding that combo a couple more times, or even try switching it up with other monsters or hybrids. For more tips and hints from our players, please join the discussion on the Tiny Monster's Facebook Fan Page:

I'm trying to breed two monsters, but they're "incompatible." What does this mean?
If two monsters are incompatible, this isn't an error and there are other possible ways to breed that monster. Don't forget about your Hybrid monsters that contain one or both of the elements you need. They might be the key to breeding the monster you want!

Regarding specific breeding combos, We are unable to share our secrets. Please know that each breeding combo has a chance of getting one monster or another. If you're not getting something the first time you breed it, you can try breeding that combo a couple more times, or even try switching it up with other monsters or hybrids.

For more tips and hints from our players, please join the discussion here on the Tiny Monster's Facebook Fan Page:

How do I get the Legendary Legacy?
You may have noticed in the past the Legendary monster could only be leveled up to 9. We’ve been saving something special for level 10 that was revealed in the 1.6 update. Keep feeding your Legendary monster and once you evolve it to the new max level of 10, you’ll get a new evolution of the Legendary monster.

Your Legendary monster will combine with another element to create a truly unique and rare monster. The chances of getting each element of the Legendary monster is random. If you don’t like the one you randomly got, you can pay Diamonds to try again. You can see all the Legendary elements you can get on the Facebook fan page.

Please note: When you evolve your Legendary monster to level 10, you will lose your original Legendary monster because it has evolved into the new one.

How do I rename my monsters?
Tap on the habitat the monster you wish to rename is in, then tap on the monster to bring up its info page. This is the screen that shows you the monster’s current name. Tap the text field where the name is and you’ll see a cursor and keyboard appear. You can then highlight and delete the current name and change it to any name you wish! You can do this with both regular and Mythic monsters.

I bred a Shadow or Light monster, but there's no habitat for it. What do I do?
The Shadow and Light monsters are not suppose to be available until level 26 (for the Shadow monster) and level 32 (for the Light monster).

There was a bug recently that allowed these monsters to be breedable prior to the player reaching these higher levels. This is how you were able to breed the monsters and why the habitats are still locked. We've since fixed this bug so the monsters are back to being level-locked. If you're still able to breed Shadow or Light early, please log out and log back into the game for the fix to register.

Regarding your monsters, you can either save it in your nursery until you can purchase a habitat or you can sell it until you're at the proper level to purchase a habitat.

Buildings information

What does the shovel over my farm mean?
The shovel icon means your farm is ready to plant more food. Tap on the shovel to bring up your farm menu. Once you start planting more food, the shovel will go away until it's free to plant more again.

I'm missing a Dream room slot, what happened?
We improved the Dream Room and Nursery UI to only have one "tuck in/new egg" button, regardless of how many slots you have. This frees up space for other UI elements down the road. If you have 2 slots, you'll still be able to tuck two monsters into the dream room - there's just one button that does both. First one, then if that's full, it'll fill the second. Your slots are not missing!

I want another Breeding den slot, how do I get one?
Currently, only one Breeding Den slot is available.

What is the Mythic Cave and mythic boost?
The mythic boost allows you to pay coins or Diamonds to increase your chances of breeding a Mythic monster. You will pay for the boost in your Mythic cave, but your monster will still breed in the Breeding Den.

What is the Hall of Champions and how do I get one?
The Hall of Champions unlocks at level 25. You can get one by tapping on your Market and then on the Buildings tab. The Hall of Champions works as an inventory system for your level 10 Monsters so you can clear room on your mountaintop. You can purchase additional slots to hold more monsters too.

How do I move a monster into the Hall of Champions?
Your monster must be at level 10 to be eligible for the Hall of Champions. To move your monster, tap on the monster you wish to move. Tap on its "Info" page and then on the "Move" option. From there, tap on the Hall of Champions to move your monster inside.

Currency and Billing

I didn't mean to make a purchase! How do I get a refund?
In order to get a refund, you'll need to contact Apple Customer Support, because the transaction was completed through the iTunes Store. They can be reached at Apple doesn't give us access to your billing or credit card information, so we're unable to provide you a refund directly.

How do I set a PIN to prevent accidental purchases in the future?
To set a pin number, go to "Settings" > "General" > "Restrictions" on your iOS device. From there, you can enter a pin number that prevents any unauthorized real-money purchases inside iOS applications. Remember, TinyCo games are free to play, but there are premium purchases available for those who wish to buy them.

How do I disable all in-app purchases?
To turn off in-app purchases, go to “Settings” > “General” > “Restrictions” on your iOS device. From there, scroll down to "In-App Purchases" and slide it to the “Off” position. This will ensure no purchases can be made from within the game.

I bought some in-game currency and I still haven’t received it! What do I do?
We’re sorry to hear that you haven't received your currency yet. We are very grateful that you chose to make a purchase, and will make absolutely sure that you receive what you bought.

If you just recently bought in-game currency, please try restarting your device, then running the app again and leaving it open for a minute. Sometimes it can take a little while for the system to credit and give you your currency. If you still haven’t received your currency in an hour or so, please let us know.

If it has been some time since you made the purchase and you've tried restarting, and you still haven't received your currency, please
contact us with either your phone's UDID/IMEI number, or your TinyID. We'll take a close look and find out where it went.

How do I earn more coins for free?
You can earn coins for free by collecting from your habitats and monsters, selling monsters, and completing quests.

How do I earn more Diamonds?
Aside from buying more through an in-app purchase, the best way to earn more Diamonds is to complete quests that list Diamonds as a reward. We also hold contests on the Tiny Monsters fan page, so be sure to join us for your chance to win!

Quests and Features

I’ve already completed this quest. What do I do?
To pass a quest that asks you to do something you've already completed, you may need to sell your existing item, and then repurchase the farms or habitats the quest is asking for.

I’ve already cleared my mountaintop, but I didn't get the reward?
In order to clear this quest, you will need to clear the items off all your mountaintops. For example, if you have three mountaintops, you will need to clear all three of them to complete the quest.

What is Monsterpedia?
Monsterpedia documents the monsters you've seen and those you've yet to discover. As you find new monsters, their Monsterpedia profile will automatically unlock, giving you access to fun and interesting information about each creature.

New Elder Magic quests were released. Why can't I see them?
To see the new quests, you will need to be playing the latest 2.0.3 update. Also, for the new quests to appear, you will need to complete the previous series of quests first. Once you complete all the prior quests, the new ones will appear in your game for you to complete!

The new Elder Magic quest asks me to clear a "Medium Tree" but there are none available. What do I do?
If you've already cleared all the Medium Trees off your original mountaintops, please build the new expansion now available with the new quests. Wait for it to finish and you can then clear the two new Medium Trees that appear on the new mountaintop. The Medium Trees are the two on either side of the big/large tree in the center.

The new storybook quest keeps crashing. How do I see all the pages of the book?
When you tap on the Storybook icon for the new quests, please wait a full 2-3 seconds before tapping through each page. This will give the storybook time to load properly. This issue most often happens when players try to tap very rapidly through the pages. Exit the Storybook, open it up again, and try again with a good pause between each page and it should load okay! (Note: there are four storybook pages total.)

How do I get an Elder farm?
The Elder Farm will unlock and be available in your Market (under the Decorations tab) once you've completed the new Elder Magic quests. Each player will be limited to one Elder Farm each. There was a bug when we initially released the quests that allowed a small number of players to get more than one. This has since been fixed and all quests are working as intended. Thank you for your patience and enjoy the additional new farm! Please note the Elder Farm is only active for a limited amount of time.

How do I get a Love Farm?
You will first need to complete the new Valentine's Day quests (the limited Phineas' Love Charm quests) in order to obtain the Love Farm.

Every player is limited to one Love Farm. The amount your Love Farm produces is dependent on your level and progress within the game. This is done to ensure the amount of free Food you receive is proportional to your level in the game.


I need more room; how do I expand?
To expand, tap on your Market and then on "Expansion." If you are out of expansions, please know that we are currently working on adding more. Read our FAQ below for more info too and be sure to Like us on Facebook for updates on new features like this.

Why won't Tiny Monsters add more expansions? We need space!
We want to provide more expansions for everyone, but before we're able to do so we must first work on improving performance within the game. Adding an additional mountaintop means more space for habitats and monsters, all of which will animate. We want to ensure the game is stable enough to not lag too much or crash due to the additional animation and items. We are hard at work on improving these performance issues within the game and once we are certain the game will not crash or lag, we will be happy to implement another expansion for everyone. Thank you for your patience!

Can I store my monsters, habitats, or decorations?
Yes, you can! For items and decorations, tap on the item you wish to store and then tap on "Store" to place it in your inventory. Regarding monsters, you can store level 10 monsters in your Hall of Champions.

I’m trying to buy more habitats but I’m not allowed to. Why?
Depending on your level, each player is allowed a certain amount of total habitats. Please go to your market and see if you're at the maximum amount of your habitats. At the top of the page, you will see a number of how many habitats already own out of how many habitats you're currently allowed.

I am trying to move or place an item but it won't let me. Why?
When placing items, be sure that nothing is blocking the item. The item will be highlighted green when available to place. If it’s red, something may be in the way. Things like rocks, bushes, trees and decorations generally do this, as items cannot be placed above them.

I upgraded my small habitat, it took my money, but it's still small?
Once you upgrade a habitat, its size will change instantly, but that does not mean the upgrade is complete. You will still need to wait a designated amount of time before your large habitat is officially complete. When this happens, the maximum coin capacity and monster capacity will change. Do you still see a time progress bar above the habitat? If so, this means the upgrade is not complete. You can choose to wait or you can use Diamonds to instantly finish if you wish.

Still have questions? Contact us!

Billing Support
If you are experiencing a billing issue or have not received your purchase, please send us an email through this link. Please note, we do not provide support for basic game play questions.

Transfer Support
If you have a new device and need your game transfered, check out the in-game transfer section in this FAQ. If you do not have your old device, we can transfer your game manually. To request a manual transfer, please email us through this link.

Privacy Policy
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