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Tiny Social, Friends, Tipping and Social Currency

Dinos and Dino Fusion


Basic Troubleshooting


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What’s This Magic Rock?
Your Magic Rock is the centerpiece of your village. As you upgrade your Magic Rock, you’ll get access to more resources, better stores and finer decorations. Click on the Magic Rock to start upgrading it.

Villagers, Workers and Haulers
Say hi to Rupert and Regina! These cavemen and cavewomen make up the citizens of your growing village. Each home that you build can house at least one villager, making them available to work.

Villagers can be either workers or haulers, depending on what you assign them to do in your Resource buildings. As a worker, the villager will help you generate precious resources. As a hauler, the villager will gladly make your life easier by automatically collecting those resources for you.

Rupert and Regina also work on your dinos. Once you hatch one, assign a worker to the dino and start feeding it!

To get started adding more villagers, click on the “Build” tab (the hammer icon) and select “Houses.”

Houses and your Villagers
Your villagers need homes before they can help your village grow. To get more villagers, buy new houses from the Build tab. As you level up you’ll be able to buy more houses, which hold more villagers. For instance, a basic Orange House provides a fetching home for a single villager; an Purple House or an Orange Cottage holds two villagers each; and the shiny Gold Villa holds five!

As you level up your village and Magic Rock, you'll be able to upgrade houses to fancier versions. Tap on the house for upgrade options. Can you get a Mansion?

Houses generate taxes to help you fill your coffers and improve your village. Check back often to collect!

Collecting Resources
You’ve got to get things to make things! Your Tiny Village needs resources to grow. To get them, you must first buy Resource buildings in the “Build” tab, such as the Rock Quarry (rocks), Tree Chopper (trees), or Farm (food). Once you’ve bought one and placed it in your village, tap it to assign a free villager to be a worker. You can also assign a hauler. For more info, see Villagers, Workers and Haulers above.

Once a Resource building has a worker, it gathers resources for you automatically – but you’ll still have to collect them. If you have a worker and a hauler, it accumulate and collect for you simultaneously!

How do I get advanced resources (stone, lumber, woven fur)?
To get advanced resources, you must place normal resources into refineries. You get your first refinery at level 10, which lets you turn rock into stone. These will convert your resources, such as stone, into the advanced resources.

You must first hire a worker. Then, place resource into the refinery. Then it will start converting that into the special resource. You can finish a batch of special resources at any time using crystals.

Why aren't my rocks/wood/resources going up?
Make sure you have a "worker" assigned to your resource gatherer. Without a worker assigned, your resources won't increase. If you need more workers, try building new Houses, or renting one by taping the "Rent Worker" button.

If you still aren't gaining that resource, check to see if you have an "advanced" resource gatherer, such as the Stone Carver or Lumber Mill. When you assign Haulers to these advanced resource gatherers, the haulers will move your basic resource (rocks, wood) to the Advanced gatherer, which then turns it into the advanced resource.

Types of Resources
There are four types of resources to start with:

There are also three special resources you get by building refineries and converting the basic resource. These are:

Saving your Resources in Storehouses
You need somewhere to put all of that wood, food and fur. Build Storage from the “Build” menu to stash away your resources. Each storage unit (Storehouse, Golden Storehouse, Large Storehouse) can hold a set number of each resource. The Storehouse, for instance, can hold 500 wood, 500 rocks, 500 fur, etc.

What happens if I sell a Storehouse?
Selling a storehouse lowers your max resource total. If it's full when you sell it, you'll get to keep the resources already in your storage – you just won't be able to collect new resources until you spend them to below your new cap.

Stores and Shops
Stores and shops are part of a healthy village economy. For you, that means more coins. Each store takes your resources (such as rocks and wood) to turn them into coins and XP. Build different types of stores to use up different combinations of resources. The higher your level, the more advanced – and rewarding – stores become available.

To browse your available stores, visit the Build tab and click “Stores.”

What is the Market?
The Market is where you can buy and sell your resources for coins. These prices fluctuate from day to day, so check back often to see if you can get a good deal!

Where can I get the Market?
The Market is available at level 5. You can find it in the "Resources" tab.

How to Get XP
Ready to level up? The best way to get XP is to convert your resources into xp- and coin-giving items at your stores. See “Stores” for more info.

Device Issues

I just got a new device and my game is gone. How do I get it back?
There is a new feature in Tiny Village that will allow you to transfer your game by yourself, instantly. This requires you to have your OLD device still with you, as well as a NEW device. If you have both devices, you can complete the transfer on your end within the next five minutes. Simply open your game on your old device. Tap Hammer Icon, then "Settings", followed by "Transfer Game." There you will find an FAQ which walks you through the transfer process.

If you do not have access to you your old device, please make a new TinyID on your new device, then send us a ticket with your old and new TinyIDs, and be sure to tell us which is which.

How can I play my game on more than one device?
Tiny Village can only be played on one account per device. Because of this, players can only have one village per device, and can only play that village on that one device. If you need to move your game to a new device, refer to "I just got a new device..." above.


How do I earn more coins for free?
You can earn coins for free by leveling up in the game, collecting from your houses, selling resources for items, and completing goals.

Can I earn crystals without buying them?
You can earn free crystals by completing some goals. Other than that, the best way to get them is by purchasing them from the "Buy Crystals" menu.

iOS: I just bought some Crystals and coins but didn't receive them. How do I get them?
If you have purchased Crystals or coins and don't see them in your game, don't panic! Try restarting your device, then running the app again and leaving it open for a minute. Sometimes it can take a little while for the system to credit and give you your currency. If you still haven’t received your currency after an hour or so, contact us and let us know.

Android: I just bought some Crystals and coins but didn't receive them
In rare cases Google Wallet will put a hold on an order while it verifies the purchase, which can sometimes delay receiving items by several days. We've found that many cases the purchase arrives within a few days, once Google is able to verify the purchase. The charges may appear as "Pending" on your account during this time.

If you have been waiting for more than a few days and still have not received your items, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this FAQ. Be sure to include the following information:

I didn't mean to purchase Crystals! How do I get a refund?
iOS: In order to get a refund, you'll need to contact Apple Customer Support, because the transaction was completed through the iTunes Store. They can be reached at Only Apple can provide refunds for purchases made through iOS.

Amazon: In order to get a refund, please contact Amazon Customer Service. Amazon manages all aspects of these transactions, so TinyCo is unable to provide you a refund directly. To contact Amazon Customer Service, open the Amazon App Store on your device and tap the "Main Menu" button, followed by "More", followed by "Contact Customer Service."

Android/Google Checkout: To request a refund for an order placed via Google Checkout, please contact TinyCo Support with the following information:

How do I prevent accidental purchases?
iOS: Go to "Settings" > "General" > "Restrictions" on your device to set up a PIN that prevents any unauthorized real-money purchases inside iOS applications.

I tried to complete a goal for "Buy a Pile of Coins and get 200 crystals," but the goal didn't complete
If you have a goal to "Buy a Pile of Coins and receive 200 free crystals," this refers specifically to the "Pile" package of coins, which normally costs 19.99 USD.
Please note that if you purchase a 0.99 USD "Stack" of coins, the goal itself will not complete, as the Stack of Coins is not part of the goal's steps.
This is also true for goals that offer crystals for buying a "Mountain" (99.99 USD) or "Heap" (49.99 USD) of coins; to participate in the limited-time goal, please doublecheck that you are grabbing the correct package.

Android: I completed a Tapjoy offer but didn't receive my currency
Tapjoy is more than happy to investigate any issues pertaining to their advertisements. The easiest way for you to get a hold of Tapjoy is through the Support links which they provide in each of their platforms. If you are using the in-app version of the Marketplace, you can reach them through the “Missing Points?” link at the bottom of their list of offers. If you are going through, please go to the “Help” link at the top-right corner of the page. From there, the “Contact Customer Support” button will allow you to submit your issue. No matter the route, your issue will get to their Support team who will respond to you as quickly as they are able.


Why are my goals asking me to purchase items I already have?
Goals are the same for every player; some players may already have the items needed for the goal, while others may not. If you do, you may purchase the item again to achieve the goal.

I'm not getting goals anymore. Will new ones be added?
We add new goals to the game every week tied to the new themed content. We also periodically add goals related to new and existing features. Like us on Facebook Page for news and announcements about new content!


How do I store my houses, shops or other objects (besides resources)?
Store items in your inventory by tapping the yellow arrow, then "Move." Tap any item in your village to bring up a basket icon in the upper right corner. Tapping the basket places the item in your inventory.

To get it back out of your inventory, tap the yellow arrow, followed by "Inventory."

Can I store my Dinos?
You can't place hatched dinos into your inventory. Some booster packs and quest rewards do grant dinos, placing them in a temporary section of your inventory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: do not place dino habitats in your inventory while they contain dinos. Doing so will cause the dinos to disappear. TinyCo Support can not restore dinos lost in this way.

How do I delete or sell items?
You can sell your items (thus deleting them from your village) by pressing the arrow icon in the lower right, tapping the item you want to sell, then tapping the “sell” icon on the right. A popup will appear that shows what resources and coins you get in return for selling the item. Houses cannot be sold, only deleted. Deleting a house will delete a hauler/worker as well. Be careful, because this is permanent!

I accidentally deleted an item/house/store! How do I get it back?
Selling or deleting items in Tiny Village is permanent and cannot be undone. We've added confirmation popups to the Sell screen to prevent accidental deletions.

I've run out of room in my village! How do I make it bigger?
You can make your Village bigger by going to the BUILD screen and selecting EXPANSIONS. Just purchase an expansion, and you’ll grow! Your village will alternate which direction it grows in. Remember: expansions take time and coins to complete, but they’re worth it!

I am trying to place an item in my village but it won't let me. Why?
When placing items, be sure that nothing is blocking the item. The item will be highlighted green when available to place. If it’s red, something may be in the way. Things like roads, trees and decorations generally do this, as items cannot be placed above them.

Tiny Social, Friends and Tipping

How do I make a TinyID?
Set up a unique TinyID by tapping the yellow arrow, then selecting Tiny Social -> Profile. From there, enter a TinyID below the profile picture. Make sure you like the name you choose – once you set your TinyID, it cannot be changed.

How do I add friends?
The Tiny Village community has millions of players. The more you connect with, the better the experience! You can add friends by visiting Tiny Social and going to the "Invite" tab. Type in a friend's TinyID to add them! If you don't know anyone who plays Tiny Zoo, no problem: visit the community tab, find a user, and add their Tiny ID instead!

How do I tip my friends?
To tip your friends some coins, visit Tiny Social and select the "Friends" tab. Then visiting your friend's Village, check out their decorations, and tap on the tip jar to leave a gift! They'll be notified of it when they log in.

Do I give my own coins away when I tip someone?
Nope! When you tip someone, they receive 20 coins for free. It's not coming out of your own pocket, so to speak.

How many times can I tip people per day?
You can tip up to 100 people per day.

How do I change my avatar picture?
To change your avatar picture, open your Profile in Tiny Social, and tap "Update" under your current avatar. This will bring up a variety of options of new avatars to choose from, including your Facebook avatar if you've connected with Facebook.

What is Social Currency?
"Social Currency" is the third currency of Tiny Village, similar to coins and crystals. It appears as a silver coin on related items in the shop. These items can only be purchased with Social Currency, so you'll need to earn some!

How do I get Social Currency/Silver Coins?
To get started, hit up the Decorations section of your shop to buy and place a POST OFFICE. This special building allows you to send invites to friend, which earns you Social Currency. Invites include Facebook, Email and Text message, each granting Social Currency for sending.

How Do I Send Resources as Gifts?
Starting in version 1.13, you can send and receive resources with your Tiny Social friends!
You must first be friends with someone to send gifts. Also, you must have connected your Tiny Social to your Facebook account.
  1. Open Tiny Social
  2. Tap the "Friends" Tab
  3. Tap "Gift"
  4. Select the resource you'd like to send, such as 10 Rocks or 2 Lumber
You also get Friend Tokens for sending gifts. Give it a try!

Dinos and Dino Fusion

What are Dinos and how do I get them?
Hatch, feed and raise dinos to earn money for your village. To get started, you must be Level 4 and purchase a DINO DEN from the shop. Place the Dino Den and tap it to bring up the egg selection screen. From there, you can pick a new egg or hatch one at random.

Eggs take time to hatch. When they do, buy and place a HABITAT, such as the Placid Plains. This is your dino's new home!

Dinos need workers just like your resource gatherers. Tap WORKERS to assign a villager to tend your dino.

Feeding Dinos
Once you have a worker assigned, your dino is ready to start munching away. Feed it by tapping RAISE, followed by FEED DINO. Feeding takes a few hours; feeding it many times levels the dino up. The higher level your dino, the more coins it generates!

What Dinos can you get from random hatching?
Any of them! There are four "Common" dinos, which appear most often when hatching: Mammoth, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus and Parasaurolophus.

Every time you hatch an egg, you have a chance to hatch a rare dino, such as the elusive Archaeopteryx. You can hatch any dino currently available in the shop, but it might take quite a few tries!

What is Dino Fusion?
Dino Fusion combines your dinos into new eggs that get more and more valuable the more you fuse. To fuse your dinos:

  • Buy a "Crystal Fusion" building from the Dino Buildings tab in your shop.
  • Pick two Dinos (level 4+) to fuse
  • (Optional) boost your chances for success with crystals
  • FUSE

Dinos come in 4 tiers, and fusion combines two dinos of the same tier into one of the next tier. Put another way, you can now turn those Coin dinos into Crystal dinos. When you combine two Tier 1 dinos, such as a Dimetrodon and a Pterodactyl, you can then earn a Tier 2 dino, such as a Kentrosaurus.

While Fusion is not always successful, you can spend crystals to boost the chance that it will complete successfully.

When successful, Fusion takes the dinos and coins and gives you a brand new egg. If the Fusion fails, you get all of your dinos and coins/crystals back.

What are Dino Tiers?
There are currently 3 Tiers of dinos. Dino fusion requires two dinos from the same Tier and they must also be at least Level 4. Check in the Shop>Dinos area to find out which Tier each dino belongs to.

Where to find your Dino Fusion Den
To unlock the Fusion Den, you must have a Big Rock (Magic Rock 2) and be Level 8. Make sure you have your Dino Den out in your village. The Fusion Den will then be available in your shop!

I accidentally bought a dino egg - can I return it?
TinyCo Support is unable to restore currency for any Dinosaur purchases.

What does Topsy do?
Topsy is an adorable little Triceratops who will walk around in your village making friends with your villagers. Tickle her with your finger, and she may react!

Additionally, since version 1.16, Topsy also provides a tangible function in your Village. For level 25 and above, if you have a Topsy and tap on you can use the "Collect All" feature. Tapping this button brings you to the Topsy coin collection mini-game. Use the arrows to move Topsy left and right, and try to catch as many coins as you can! Don't worry if you miss some coins, you will not lose them. You will just have to manually collect them afterwards.


What is Bingo?
Bingo is a minigame within Tiny Village that gives away free coins, crystals, decorations and dinos, with the goal of completing a full "bingo" to win the grand prize. In basic bingo, you get one free Bingo Ball per day, and can purchase additional Bingo Balls for crystals.

Some rounds of Bingo include "Super Bingo," which includes fancier prizes and bigger payouts. Super Bingo gives away one free ball total during the promotion; you must purchase additional plays to complete a Super Bingo and get the grand prize.

When do I get my Daily Free Play?
Bingo adds Daily Free Plays 24 hours after your last play. For instance, if you played a Free ball at 4pm and bought an extra ball at 6pm, then your next free play will appear at 6pm the following day.

When do I get my free Super Bingo Ball?
Super Bingo's free play doesn't activate from the get go, instead appearing in the middle of the round. Check back often to see when it unlocks!

I just won an item! Where is it?
When you win an item or dino, Bingo adds the prizes to your inventory. One particular prize, the Mystery Box, only displays the Mystery Box icon when telling you what you won. You'll need to check your inventory for the new item to find out what it was. We're working on improving Bingo's interface to better reveal Mystery Box prizes.

When do new rounds of Bingo start?
It's a surprise! Like us on Facebook for news and announcements, including when Bingo makes a triumphant appearance. Bingo usually lasts for a week, so be sure to place your Free Play once you spot it.

Basic Troubleshooting

How do I update to the newest version of Tiny Village?
To upgrade, exit the game and go to the App Store on your device. Tap on the "Updates" tab at the bottom to see the latest available version of Tiny Village. If you don't see it available, search for "Tiny Village" and check the version to see if you have the latest one.

How do I force close my app?
Force Closing Tiny Village allows the app to refresh and may alleviate minor game play issues and loading issues. Our support team may also request that you Force Close to enable your device to recognize game fixes or account specific actions performed.

To "Force Close" any app on an iOS device:
  1. From the Home screen, click the Home button twice.
  2. Tap and hold on the app.
  3. When it starts to jiggle, tap the to close it.
  4. Double-click the Home button and try opening the app again.
To "Force Stop" any app on an Android device:
  1. Bring up your device's Menu (usually a soft key in the bottom left corner of the device's front)
  2. Tap Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Tiny Village
  3. Tap "Force Stop", followed by "OK"
How do I delete or uninstall the app?

You can delete an app by pressing and holding on the app icon from your home screen. Once they start wiggling, then click the minus sign in the upper left. This will remove the app from your device. Please note doing this will also cause you to lose your progress. To ensure you can restore any old game data, be sure to create a TinyID before you uninstall and remember it. We can use this to restore your game should you decide to play again!

I Am Getting A "Recipe Not Found" or "BuildingID" Error
If you're getting an error message saying "Recipe not found" or "BuildingID Error" when loading Tiny Village, this may be due to an error with recently-released content or a bug in the game. Usually these errors require action by our Support team, which we can perform once we know the name of the error. If you're experiencing the above issue, please contact our Support team with the exact error message and your TinyID.

I get an error message when trying to visit friends
When new versions of Tiny Village come out, they sometimes include changes to Tiny Social. If you're on an older version of the game, you may be unable to visit friends who have already updated to the latest version, and receive the message "Unable to Visit Player". But don't worry! If you're getting this message, please try updating to the latest version of the game in the App Store or Android Market. You should then be able to visit all players, including those who haven't yet updated.

How do I restart my game from Level One?
Tiny Village does not have a reset option for setting your village back to Level 1. If you're looking to reset because you're low on coins, try checking out the "Stores" section of the shop. These give you many ways to spend your resources and get more coins in return.

You can also use the Inventory of Tiny Village to store your items and find more space. To use inventory, tap the yellow arrow on the lower right, then tap the "move" icon. You can then tap items in your village and move them to inventory by selecting the Basket icon, in the upper right.

Crystal Producer stop producing crystals?
If your crystal producer has stopped producing crystals and started producing coins, it has likely expired. Please search our player run wiki for the crystal producer in mind and make sure that it has not expired before submitting a support ticket. Thank you.


Where can I find Tiny Village contests?
To find our contests, head over to the Tiny Village Facebook fan page. We run contests from time to time there. We highly encourage that you participate in our contests for a chance to win crystals!

How do I take a photo of my village?
You can take a screen shot by simultaneously pressing the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button on your device. Your image will be found within the Photos app of your device.

Still have questions? Contact us!

I have a new device - how do I transfer?
Please visit our handy guide for information on restoring your game.

I'm missing crystals or accidentally spent crystals.
We have added a confirmation popup to purchases requiring crystals to help prevent accidental purchases. However, we recommend tapping carefully if you find your game freezing or lagging. If this happens, avoid tapping the screen until the animation catches up.

We also find that all cases of lost currency are due to an unintended purchase, such as hurrying a resource or completing an expansion.

Please note that TinyCo Support is unable to restore currency due to accidental purchases, unexpectedly missing currency or any Dinosaur purchases.

Billing Support
If you are experiencing a billing issue or have not received your purchase, please send us an email through this link. Please note, we do not provide support for basic game play questions.

Transfer Support
If you have a new device and need your game transfered, check out the in-game transfer section in this FAQ. If you do not have your old device, we can transfer your game manually. To request a manual transfer, please email us through this link.

Privacy Policy
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